Now That The Thanksgiving Stuffing Is Over

Another Thanksgiving of festivities and feasting with family and friends comes to a close.

The leftovers are pretty much eaten up, except for a few spoonfuls of stuffing and maybe a scoop of cranberry sauce.

We’re back to work on a Cyber Monday and full steam ahead toward Christmas and the New Year.

Yet, as grand and glorious as the Thanksgiving holiday weekend can be, for some people, maybe even you, the week after a “full” holiday can spark a lot of anxiety and negative thoughts such as,

“I knew I’d blow it…I totally blew my diet!”

“I just couldn’t resist…I was too stressed out!”

“I gained back what weight I’d lost and have to start all over!”

“I can’t lose weight…I can’t do anything right!”

This is a slippery thought slope that can cause you to feel more anxious than you already feel and solves nothing.

No good comes from beating yourself up over what’s intended to be a weekend of blessings, gratitude, and thanks.

Remember, negative thoughts cause negative feelings that inform negative actions and create negative results.

In other words, beating yourself up is not a viable solution.

Trying to create positive results from negative thoughts, feelings, and actions is never sustainable so don’t even go there.

My suggestion?

Pause, take a few deep breaths, show yourself some grace, acceptance, a whole lot of compassion, and move on.

Moving forward with ease will lower your cortisol, increase your oxytocin, and guide you back on track successfully and a whole lot less anxious.

Today’s a new day of possibilities, so clean up your thinking, decide how you want to feel, and move forward.

Goals are achieved by looking ahead to your future, not behind in your past.

And don’t go thinking thoughts like, “What’s the use, I’ll never be able to stay on track between now and the Christmas.”

That’s a defeated, sabotaging belief system that will not serve you.

You can achieve anything you want with that amazing brain of yours.

So, decide at this moment to recommit to your goals and WHY you set them in the first place.

“You can recommit to your goals any day of the year – including today.”

— Lauren Ditzian

 To reaffirm your commitment, complete this sentence:

“Today, I am deciding to recommit to _______________ because _______________.”

Write it down. Stick it where you can see it, and never, ever, ever, give up.

Next, consciously choose to reprogram your thinking by creating empowering thoughts that cause a different vibration in your body.

Thoughts like:

“I am more than a number on a scale.”

“I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

“Setbacks do not define me. They make me stronger.” 

Even if you don’t quite believe them, commit to thinking them anyway and rehearse them daily.

Remember, goals are achieved in your future, not in your past.

What you want is a decision, a commitment, and a compelling reason WHY.

As of now, consider yourself back on track.

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