How To Unlock Your Capacity To Change

Do you find yourself wondering if things will never change for you? 

Have you convinced yourself that change is just not possible for you, and that…

…you’re destined to always feel anxious?

…you’re doomed to never being able to control your eating?

At times, it can feel as if life has sentenced you to run on an endless hamster wheel, over and over, round and round, spinning in the same never-ending cycle.

Of course, as much as you might believe that change is not possible for you, it is, and it always has been. 

Identifying Your Capacity To Change

If you pull yourself out of your deep, dark hole of despair, you can begin to see your capacity to change clearer. 

If you pause and open your mind, you will recall…

…moments when you did not feel anxious. 

…days when you did not overeat anxiously. 

These memories of change are there; it’s just that you’ve buried them under years of negativity, resistance, and fear.

It’s as if we don’t want to remember…

When I finally dug myself out from under the weight of my self-imposed suffering, I discovered…

…times in my life when I felt calm and relaxed.

…days when I ate normally and only when I was physically hungry.

Curious, I started unpacking these moments in my journal and asking myself:

What was I doing? What was I feeling? What was I thinking?

With clarity and clear intention, I started mindfully applying this model to how I lived my life.

I discovered that change was possible and that my capacity to change was there all along!

Yours is too!

It’s a matter of doing your own mental excavating and uncovering your capacity to change and then using it to empower the changes you want today. 

Unlocking Your Capacity To Change

Here’s how to unlock your capacity to change and begin empowering change now:

1) Write down a time you did not feel anxious or when you did not anxiously overeat. 

What were you doing? How were you acting or behaving?

Describe these times in specific detail. Tell the story no matter how long ago or how minimal you think the moment was. 

2) Next, describe how you were feeling during these times. 

What were you feeling? What emotions were you experiencing? 

3) Then, clarify your thoughts and beliefs in these moments. 

What were you thinking? What were you believing? 

4) Now, review what you’ve written.

Notice that you have your own personal model of how to change right at your finger tips.

You have the actions, feelings, and thoughts to support you today and every day. 

5) Lastly, create an empowering word or mantra to support you moving forward. 

For example, my favorite “change” mantra is: “I have what I need. I know what to do.”

I write it where I can see it and repeat it often when I am embarking on change or needing to remind myself of my capacity to change. 

From the book, “The Art of Possibility,” by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, “We keep looking so hard for the ‘specific message,’ and yet we are blinded to the fact that the message is all around us, and within us all the time.”

So starting today, realize your capacity to change.

You have what you need and you know what to do.  

It’s been with you all this time.

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