How To Have A Calm, Grateful Thanksgiving

It’s a holiday weekend of giving thanks, sharing blessings, traveling, gathering, and heaping servings of festive flavors.

For some of us, Thanksgiving is a delightful week of family, friends, food, and fun.

Yet, for others of us, it’s an anxious week of white-knuckling our way through over-obliging, over-indulging, and over-eating.

It’s as if we see no other way. It’s expected. It’s just the way it is. We simply must.

Yet, these are only thoughts and all thoughts are optional, even during the holidays.

And, because every thought is a choice, consider the possibility of creating the Thanksgiving you want most from the inside out starting with you amazing, executive prefrontal cortex.

Yes, a calm, grateful Thanksgiving begins in your mind, as does everything we want to think, feel, do, and create.

To get you prepped for a blessed holiday weekend, here’s a 4-step plan to ensure that you get your gobble on with blessed ease: 

1. Decide how you want to feel.

For example, if you want to feel calm, decide to feel calm.

If you want to feel grateful, decide to feel grateful.

Avoid choosing how you “don’t” want to feel. This perpetuates a lack mindset.

If we say, “I don’t want to feel anxious and stuffed,” we’ve left ourselves unsure of how we actually want to feel.

Instead, decide exactly how you want to feel, even if it’s neutral.

2. Commit to how you will show up.

Since our feelings inform our actions, envision the actions that your chosen feelings will drive.

If we stick with calm and satisfied, calm actions might include warm smiles, peaceful movements, joyful laughter, and easeful flow.

Satisfied actions might be thoughtful, deliberate, conscious, enjoyable, and mindful.

For example, “I taste what I want, enjoy my favorite flavors, and stop when my body is comfortably satisfied.”

Again, commit to how you will act, no matter what.

3. Choose the thoughts that will cause you to feel and act the way you want.

If you want to feel and act calm and satisfied, what will you need to think?

Since our thoughts cause our feelings and our feelings inform our actions, this is the most important prep-step for the week ahead.

Perhaps you want to think something like, “I am thankful for this moment of blessings.”

Or, “I am at ease and grateful.”

Or simply, “I’m calm and satisfied.”

If you’re anticipating a “dynamic,” maybe even “dysfunctional” week ahead, go for thoughts like, “I am in control of my emotional life,” or “I can flow with curiosity through this fascinating and temporary experience.”

Repeat your chosen thought throughout the week, especially during the week’s gatherings and festivities.

4. Entrust your body.

Our body truly is our most beloved, faithful friend.

We can join with our body and allow it to guide us; it knows the score.

By breathing into and connecting with our body, we’ll discover what we both need and what we both don’t.

Our body will tell us if we need some fresh air or a little space.

It will also signal when it’s had enough to eat or drink.

So, trust your body and trust yourself; together you can create the Thanksgiving you want.

You can feel calm and satisfied, and thankful, grateful, and blessed this holiday week.

Remember, it all begins in your mind.

Feel better, live well, and have a glorious Thanksgiving!

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