Doing Your Vision

Envisioning your vision can be challenging and cause a lot of anxiety; committing your vision to paper and sharing it can feel downright scary, let along doing your vision.

I see it everyday, and experience it myself.

We’ll commit to others, show up for them, give our last dime, or breath, to someone else…yet when it comes to committing to us, well, we cave, run, hide, and even sabotage.

This morning I was reading about filmmaker, David Lynch, and how he hasn’t missed a day of meditating for over 42 years! Wow! Now, that’s commitment and his life reflects the commitments he’s made to himself.

Does yours? Does your life reflect the commitments that you’ve made to you?

It’s a big question…and your true self deserves an honest answer.

Whereas your relationship with commitment may reflect various themes in your life, today, as part 2 in my series of doing your vision,  I’ll walk you through step 2, “do goals,” the committed actions that enable us to achieve what we want.

Step 2: Do Goals

Do goals are action goals; they’re anything but passive dreams.

When committed to and completed, they enable us to achieve our vision, our wants.

Pick A Want

Look at, or envision, your list of 25 and select one want.

If you remember, my example was “I want financial freedom.”

If you also remember, I identified financial freedom as something I didn’t have.

However, closer examination revealed that I do have financial freedom; I can pretty much come and go as I please; my finances support a warm, cozy home, basic needs for my family and me, and an array of comforts and other luxuries.

By acknowledging that I do have financial freedom, I know that I can and will achieve more financial freedom because I already have it.

You also have wants you don’t think you have.

So, pick one want from your list of 25 and identify where you’ve already achieved it; be honest with yourself.

By acknowledging that you have, if even a little bit of, the want will flood your body with positive energy and motivation because you’ll be moving forward from a place of abundance, instead of a place of lack.

Identifying what you’ve already achieved also provides you with evidence that you can achieve what you want because you already have.

This is powerful because it proves to our mind that we’re fully capable of manifesting our wants, and this my friend is a huge motivator to making a commitment.

“Think about that. If you go to the place where it’s already done, and you’re looking at yourself now saying,
“I just don’t know how to do it. I just don’t know if this is the right decision,”
you will be able to meet your mind from a place of knowing. That is powerful.”
~Brooke Castillo

Write A Specific Goal

Now, take your want and write a goal.

Your want may include several goals, but for today, commit to one goal that will move you toward achieving your want.

Write the goal, specifically, while honoring any feelings that arise.

For example, another want on my list of 25 is “I want to help my clients create more success in their businesses and lives.”

Specifically, my goal is to create and offer a program called “42-Days To Permanent Anxiety Relief.”

Because many of the women I work with suffer with anxiety, I want to design a program that will help them get on the other side of anxiety permanently so they can achieve the results they want.

And, because I’ve already helped my clients achieve results in their lives, I know I can achieve this specific goal.

In fact, I feel excitement and eagerness in my body as I type, which is super energizing and motivating!

So, write a specific goal for your want; feel every single feeling; and most important, admire your goal because you are fully capable of achieving it.

Act Backwards

Next, work your goal backwards, or what we coaches refer to as reverse engineering.

Basically, set the date for when you want to have achieved the goal and work backwards until you get to today.

You’ve achieved the goal before, so recall what you did to achieve what you already have and use that wisdom to inform your action plan.

When you start from the place of having achieved the goal; the energy will be amazingly energizing and motivating.

When self-defeating thoughts such as, “I can’t do it” or “I don’t know how” sneak in, address them immediately; protect your goal; no sabotaging!

Do Doing Your Vision

Relying on your wisdom and dump your action plan into your calendar; quarterly, 90-day action plans can be super inspiring for moving you toward longer-term goals.

Then, plan in detail each week, down the day, the specific actions you’ll need to take to reach your quarterly goals.

Commit to the plan; and, as scared or anxious as you feel, do it, follow it through, tweak and revise as needed, and do goals.

Whether you achieve the original goal you set out to achieve or not, what’s super cool about committing to your want, goal, and action plan is that you’ll prove to yourself that you can make a commitment to yourself and you can keep it.

And that my friend is the best want ever!

“Own that you are in charge of what you do.

YOU CHOOSE to be there,

to give it, to respond, walk away, show up,

do it with swagger, with grade, or with vengeance.

Your energy, your choice.”

~Danielle LaPorte, #Truthbomb 1122

As you work through this phase of doing your vision and do goals, shoot me a comment. I’d love to hear how it’s going.

Sending you inspiration,



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