Doing Your Vision…Board

Committing to your vision by doing your vision board can feel scary. I know!

It took me half my life to commit to my vision and actually paste it into reality. So I get it.

If you feel too anxious to commit to your vision, ask yourself, “Why?”

And please, what ever you do, don’t use time as an excuse. That’s old…

If you have committed to your vision, today the fun begins.

Today, I’m going to begin teaching you the how to’s of doing your vision.

That’s right, a vision is simply a vision unless we do it.

I’ve learned the process of doing my vision from my own master coaches.

I’ve blended their genius with my own experience into a series of blog posts that I’ll be sharing over the next several weeks; the same process, I use to get shit done and make my own vision a reality.

Okay, let’s do this.

Step 1. Do Your Vision From A Place of Grateful Abundance

We’re socialized to want. We want a bigger house, more money, more love, a faster car, a better job, a closer relationship; we’re always wanting.

Thus, when invited to craft our vision, more than likely it will emerge from a place of wanting.

When we want, we often want from a place of lack; we don’t have, so we want.

Wanting in this way can create a deep sense of longing that creates feelings of scarcity; we don’t have enough, receive enough, are enough.

However, if we decide to want from a place of grateful abundance, we call upon a rich, empowering energy instead of a scarce, lacking energy.

When we recognize and express gratitude for the gifts and blessings we do have, we create positive feelings that inspire us to manifest more of what we already have.

Therefore, doing our vision fully aware of what we have and are grateful for versus what we lack creates a spiritual relationship with our vision and our goals for manifesting our vision.

This means doing your vision should include what you want and what you already have and are grateful for. For example, one of the phrases on my vision board is, “Today, I’m living” and below it says, “Happy, Calm.”

I recognize that I do live this way, I’m grateful, and I want to continue manifesting happy and calm into my life.

See how this works?

Of course, some goals will include what we don’t have and want, and that’s okay; however, doing your entire vision from a place of lack will most likely create negative, desperate energy…and this my friend will not sustain you as you maneuver and negotiate the bumps and bruises of doing your vision.

Ready to get started doing your vision?

Do What You Already Have

First, you’ll need your vision board for this…or at the very least, a vision of your vision.

Next, grab a journal or favorite paper; you might want a large sheet of paper, depending on your preferences.

Create a quiet, non-distracting, inspiring space; no doing this while scrolling on your phone or watching Netflix.

You might even put on your favorite music or fire-up your essential oil diffuser. Settle into the experience.

Once you’re ready, look at your vision board or envision your vision, and write 25 things you want to make your vision come true.

Look closely and deeply into your vision and ask yourself, “What parts of my vision do I already have?”

Write down the wants that you have.

For example, here’s mine…

“I have and want a warm, cozy home.”

“I have and want more love in my relationships.”

“I do and want to work from home.”

“I do and want to help my clients create more success in their businesses and lives.”

I have these now and I want to continuing creating them!

As you write your list, notice how your body responds and feels.

Personally, when I want from a place of lack, my body feels anxious, tense, and desperate.

However, when I want from a place of grateful abundance, my body feels warm, tingly, and energized.

Do What You Don’t Have

Now, include in your list what you want and don’t yet have. Let yourself dream big here. Anything goes!

And don’t go getting all caught up in how you’re going to accomplish and manifest the wants you don’t have…that’s another blog post.

Also, be brave and don’t let self-defeating, negative, limiting beliefs stop you. Simply notice them, but go big!

Write down what you want most, move with any resistance, and get your wants out in the open.

For instance, one of my wants is…

“I want financial freedom.”

Whereas thoughts about this want once caused me to feel trapped, unworthy, and shame; wanting financial freedom from a place of abundance, now creates inspired and confident feelings; I will manifest this want.

Because I’m wanting from a place of grateful abundance, my body feels positive, energizing feelings that then create positive actions.

Consequently, positive actions driven by positive feelings are the foundation of doing your vision.

Do Your Vision

So, as you create your list of 25, notice all the thoughts and feelings that emerge; some will feel positive and energizing, and some will feel negative and stir up lots of doubt, and that’s okay.

What’s most important is that you complete the list, honor what you have and allow what’s possible.

I have enough in this moment and I love wanting more from a place of enough. 

Wanting is only exhausting when we believe we can’t have what we want or that if we don’t have it- we can’t be happy.

~Brooke Castillo

Feel free to send me your list. I’d love to be your witness!

I’d also love to chat about any strong feelings that emerged as you created your list. You’re welcome to schedule a fee call with me here.

Next week, we’ll dive deeper into the “how to’s” of doing your vision and get really messy.

Roll up your sleeves! This is going to be a blast!

Sending you inspiration,







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