Could A Deeper, Hidden Belief Be Causing Your Anxiety?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I know you feel anxious; I hear your stress; I sense how overwhelmed you are.

I’ve been where you are, and some days, I feel the same way.

But what if I told you that you could ease your mind and body of all the nervous worry that you carry simply by changing your thoughts?

Yet, not just any thoughts, but those deeper, hidden, unconscious thoughts that you believe about you.

Anxiety Is Normal

It’s one of the many feelings that vibrates through our body depending on circumstances we encounter and how we experience circumstances.

For example, if a child on a bike suddenly darts out in front of your car, anxiety plunges you into fight or flight, which causes us to react, swerve, and avoid hitting the child.

In fight or flight circumstances, our minds have little time to think; in most cases, we simply react for the sake of survival; this is a good thing!

But for some of us, we live in a constant state of fight or flight; we’re ready to react and swerve at any minute, at any time.

We live ready to avoid, defend, protect, and even survive.

I Lived Anxious

Social situations would thrust me into uncontrollable panic and body tremors; I’d escape to my car and hold on for dear life.

I’d wake ever morning drenched in sweat, anticipating, dreading, and worrying about each and every day; I stand in the shower gathering every ounce of courage to endure another day.

It was painful, embarrassing, debilitating, and lonely.

I tried therapy, medication, and exercise; and even though each eased my anxiety in their own unique way, I never felt fully capable of living free of anxiety’s grip.

My search for a life of ease sent me into the research; there, I discovered a myriad of practices, therapies, and strategies to relieve anxiety; I’m sure you’ve explored them all too!

But of all the remedies I tried, cognitive mindset work that has been the most life-changing and freeing.

I resisted it at first, thinking it was too easy, and far too simple for my ferocious anxiety and panic.

However, I finally decided that I wanted to live differently; I believed that I could; and I committed to daily mindset and thought work.

Every morning, I diligently meditated for 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of mindset journaling and thought work, which also included expressing gratitude, writing powerful affirmations, and setting compassionate intentions.

Within weeks, I noticed that I felt better; my mind was clearer, my body calmer; my spirit more at peace.

My daily mental practices uncovered a whole host of negative, limiting beliefs buried deep within my unconscious mind; beliefs that had sabotaged and held me hostage for most of my life.

The Big Leap

Yet, it was while reading Gay Hendrick’s game-changing book, The Big Leap, that I finally came face-to-face with the culprit; I uncovered the biggest, hidden belief that was the source of most of my unproductive, debilitating anxiety.

The belief? I am fundamentally flawed.

This, my most limiting belief, got planted in my brain, innocently by something my father shared with me when I was younger.

At that moment, all the stars aligned, and all the dots connected; I finally understood the source of all my negative, limiting beliefs and thoughts.

It was in that moment that I received the greatest, most insightful “a-ha” of my anxiety mindset journey; I was finally free.

See, when we discover the core hidden belief that holds us hostage, we can begin changing it, rewriting it, and setting ourselves free from the mental torture that creates a lot of our anxiety.

Changing Core Beliefs

Today, my morning mindset work continues to target this core belief; identifying it was one thing, changing it is a life practice.

Because this core belief was embedded deep inside my brain, I knew it was going to take time, practice, and patience to change it.

Oh sure, I still feel anxious; anxiety is normal; likewise, some of us are simply wired to feel more anxious than others are.

Yet, I can tell you that I’m not about to live under the covers indulging and conspiring with anxiety to live as a powerless victim.

I’m done with that…and I hope you are too!

When I feel overly anxious, and believe me, I do, I have an arsenal of practices to relieve my anxiety quickly and with ease; and the most effective relief is my mind

I’ve changed my relationship with anxiety, understand it, treat it kindly, and live with it peacefully.

That’s the beauty of evolving; every day we’re gifted with a new day and new opportunities to create a better version of ourselves.

Look, I know you feel anxious; but every day, we’re blessed with opportunities to practice, evolve, and feel better.

I do…and so can you.

What core belief might be holding you hostage, sabotaging your dreams, stealing your power, and creating a lot of your anxiety?

Let me know and together, let’s tackle those hidden, core beliefs and get you some relief.

Sending you inspiration,


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