Christmas With Intention

Our vision represents what we want to be, do, or have in our life; and with the approaching holidays, we can use our vision to create a Christmas with intention.

For many, Christmas and the holidays can stir a myriad of colorful thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The joyful, blessed, celebratory season of giving and receiving has a way of bringing out the best version of ourselves, and the not-so-best versions.

However, by creating a clear, conscious vision, we can make the holidays, as the song rings, “…the most wonderful time of the year.”

Remember, it’s all in your mind, and what you decide to think and feel.

Christmas With Vision

So I ask you, do you have a vision for Christmas?

Go ahead. Get still. Close your eyes. Create your vision for Christmas and what you want most.

Once you have your Christmas vision clear in your mind, setting intentions will help you manifest your vision and make it a reality.

Creating the vision isn’t enough.

Visions require actions to make them real.

Intentions are how we bring our visions to life and make them reality.

They are the clear path to our vision and inspire our actions.

Intentions are conscious decisions we make before we act.

Christmas With Intention

My thoughts about creating Christmas intentions are inspired by Mary J. Lore, mentor to corporate leaders, multiple award winning author, keynote speaker, and founder of Managing Thought, LLC.

I turn to Mary’s genius regularly in my work, relationships, and life, and in today’s post.

So for Christmas, what are your intentions for:


Your family?

Your relationships?

Your home, conversations, events, traditions, meals, exchanges?

The season? The day?

We can set our intentions for any aspect of our being, including Christmas.

We can choose to make it any way we want…and without any dependence on what others do or don’t do, say or don’t say.

We can decide what we’ll have, what we’ll do, and who we’ll be on Christmas…and all the days of our lives.

You might intend…

…good health or good cheer.

…helping others fulfill their dreams, making merry, or granting wishes.

…being the highest and best service to the people in your life.

….sharing love, laughter, and whole-hearted living.

…being a loving partner, wife, husband, mother, father, family member, friend, neighbor.

…being a guide, role model, and mentor to your children or the important people in your life.

…being open, receptive, and kind in conversations and using your interactions as a source of learning and discovering more about others and you.

…going with the flow, being open, inviting, and totally accepting.

…being in the moment, curious, fascinated, amused, and grateful.

Then, before you say or do anything…

Ask, “What can I say or do in this moment to BE my intention?”

Before you send an email, make a phone call, or respond to a comment or interaction; before you join a conversation or a gathering, or before you open the door to enter your home or someone else’s home, inhale and exhale completely and deeply.

Inhale your intention. Exhale what will not serve you, completely.

Remind yourself of your intentions and ask, “What can I say or do to move me one step closer toward making my vision a reality?”

With practice, taking the breath will become natural for you.

With practice, you’ll be able to think powerful thoughts as quickly and naturally as your old negative, limiting thoughts.

With practice…

You’ll choose your intentions mindfully with clarity of purpose.

You’ll be clear about what matters to you most and you’ll act in alignment with your inner truth, your vision, your intentions.

You’ll stop reacting to people, situations, and circumstances.

You’ll stop with the, “Yeah, but ….” because no one controls how we think, feel, or act, period.

You’ll stop resisting and start creating what you want.

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions will become focused on what is truly significant.

You’ll become inspired, curious, and fascinated.

You’ll achieve significant results with clear intent, on purpose.

You’ll transform your relationships, your families, your life, and you.

And those my friend are gifts worth giving and receiving.

On this Christmas, in the New Year, and always, create a habit of asking yourself often…

“How can I live with intention?”

“How can I love with intention?”

“How can I lead with intention?”

“How can I think, feel, and act in ways that fulfill my vision?”

Take a moment to set your intentions for Christmas, the holidays, and beyond.

Take a few more full inhales and complete exhales.

Smile. You got this!

Sending you inspiration for a glorious, blessed, Christmas with intention,



P.S. Ready to craft your vision, set intentions, and create the best version of yourself? Let’s hop on a call! Schedule a free mini-session with me here. Imagine the possibilities!


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