Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Are You Feeling Or Feeding Anxiety?

For many of us, the reason we turn to food when we feel strong emotions is because we don’t know how to process them.

We feel an uncomfortable emotion and suddenly we’re searching for something to put in our mouths and we’re not even hungry!

Realizing that eating our emotions is not the answer, we then try to avoid or resist our emotions.

But that only works for so long.

In other words, whether we choose to resist, avoid, or react to our emotions, they will win every time.

To stop this anxious eating cycle, we have to learn how to accept our emotions, feel them fully, and let them move through us, instead of fighting with them, pushing them away, or feeding them.

“But feelings can't be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.”

Last week I felt super anxious.
I was really uncomfortable and all my go-to practices failed.
What was going on?
Having learned to feel my emotions, instead of eat them, I went inside, got curious, and explored deeper.
It took a few days to uncover what was causing me to feel so anxious.
I stayed with the anxiety and didn’t resist or react to it.
Eventually, I got to the source, and of course, it was a thought.
The anxiety faded and I felt better.
I’ve gotten really good at feeling anxiety without resisting, avoiding, or reacting to it.  
I trust myself to feel it.
As uncomfortable as anxiety can be and was, I know it can’t harm me.
It’s my emotional signal to check in with myself and explore what’s going on inside my mind.
Anxiety is not something to fight, ignore, or feed.
Because as you and I know all too well, it will win every time.
So the next time you feel anxious or any difficult emotion, give yourself permission to let it be what it is.
Don’t stuff it or distract yourself from it.
Don’t resist or avoid it.
Don’t react to it and please don’t feed it.
Just let it be.