All Because Of A Thought

You know what you want.

You can see it.

You can feel it.

Maybe, you can even smell it and taste it.

You have to capacity, ability, and smarts.

You know the steps to take, even if small.

You know the habits to create, even if mini.

Yet, you struggle, resist, excuse, blame, and consistently sabotage yourself.


All because of a thought.

Because of a thought that you refuse to let go of, what you want most looms in the distance just out of your reach.

Some days, you decide to loosen your grip on those old thoughts and feel the empowering energy of momentum.

Other days, fearful of your own power, you retreat into the safety of old thoughts and what you’re used to.

And even though what you’re used to causes you pain and discomfort, you resist change and sabotage your success anyway.

But just as a thought can demolish your dreams, a thought can also make your dreams come true.

It simply takes deciding that you’re done with those old thoughts and realizing fully that they just don’t serve you anymore.

It takes choosing to think empowering thoughts that will propel you toward what you want most instead of away from it. 

In other words, stop thinking, feeling, and acting from your past. 

Start thinking, feeling, and acting from what you want now and in your future.

Decide at this moment to choose thoughts and feelings that will inspire you to take actions toward what you want most.

Write them down.

Read them every day.

Take action from how they make you feel.  

Get what you want.

Make your dreams come true.

All because of a thought.