A Different, Simpler Holiday

Each year, I look forward to Thanksgiving. I’ve grown to love the short week of giving gratitude for all the blessings I’ve received, which usually includes my Sagittarian birthday.

The annual short week provides space for rest, relaxation, and reflection. Then, the holiday gates burst open and we’re literally, off to the races toward the finish line, Christmas.

As the Thanksgiving week unfolded, amid giving thanks, I felt my body begin to tense and tighten in anticipation of the weeks ahead; I felt consumed by the flurry of decorating and preparing for Christmas, all while juggling work and family responsibilities.

By the Sunday after Thanksgiving, anxiety fluttered in my stomach, my heart raced; the tree wasn’t up, no lights dressed the house, candy wasn’t made to share, and I was totally behind.

Amid the angst of rushing and hurrying, resided the all-too-common question, “Are you done with your shopping?” My confidence plummeted with, “Ah, no, I haven’t even started.”

I felt the angst of expectations and deadlines. I wanted to retreat and skip the holidays all together…yet, not really…I simply longed for a different, simpler holiday experience.

Holiday Anxiousness

I know I’m not alone with my holiday anxiousness.

I see you race through this time of year; your faces tense; your movements quick and impatient.

All it takes is walking into a grocery store or through a mall to observe and feel the tension of the holiday season.

I also feel the pain and sadness of families that have lost loved ones as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season hums.

While we’re focused on our Christmas shopping, they’re feeling the ache in their hearts, the vastness of their loss, and a first Christmas without their beloveds.

Simpler Holiday Wonders

I wonder what it might be like if we gave ourselves permission to create a simpler holiday season…one that embraces simple pleasures, such as sitting by a fire with a juicy book, coloring with children, watching a soppy movie, working a puzzle, or playing a board game with family or friends.

What might it feel like to give ourselves time and space to select or make gifts specifically for those that we adore, rather than what the ads and sales promote; most of what we buy ends up in next summer’s yard and garage sales anyway.

Releasing the pressure to purchase and perform during the holidays, really any days, is all about challenging mindsets.

The need to please, to buy, to impress, to inflate, is chained to limiting beliefs we developed growing up that sometimes influence how we move through our lives and relationships.

We might believe that the more gifts we buy, the more we prove our love, our success, or sadly, our self-worth. Buying, spending, and over-indulging will not fix these beliefs.

[tweetthis]Feeding limiting beliefs only serves to grow them. [/tweetthis]

Ultimately, giving ourselves to others, and to ourselves, is the most precious gift of all…we are enough and we’re born worthy.

Precious Gifts

I received the most precious gift from a special friend this week.

She gave me a simple, minimal, yet deeply meaningful Christmas present that she had picked out especially for me.

My friend remembered that I wore ankle boots with my pants, as encouraged by my stylish young adult daughter.

Her gift was a delightful pair of socks to wear with my boots; simple, minimal, yet incredibly meaningful!

I lit up with delight, and hugging her with heart-felt appreciation and gratitude; I was overjoyed with love and over-flowing with Merry Christmas spirit!

Seeking A Different, Simpler Holiday

If you’re seeking a different holiday experience this year, check out Joshua Becker’s blog post, “The Helpful Guide to Simple Christmas Links.” In his delightfully minimal way, Joshua provides links to a variety of creative and minimal options to soak up the joy of the holidays season, simply.

This year, give yourself permission to experience a different, simpler holiday season that warms hearts and strengthens connections.

Create a new practice of allowing yourself to flow with the true meaning of the holidays.

Release yourself from the blizzard of consumerism and chill of expectations that simply do not serve you well, or your bank account.

If limiting or self-deprecating beliefs are interfering with your holiday spirit and joy, or quality of life, it might be time to consider investing in you and giving yourself the gift of personal coaching.

Taking the first step toward change is often the scariest. I know! That’s why I provide a FREE mini-session. This one call could be life changing. You’re worth it!

Sending you inspiration for the holidays and 2016!






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