About Kelli

If I can feel less anxious, so can you!

YOU want to lead with PASSION, PURPOSE, and CLARITY.

Grounded in love, adventure, and COURAGE.

Because YOU ARE DRIVEN. A woman with a vision for her life.

A vision where you chase your goals with total abandon…

CEO upgrade? Yes!

Trip to Bali? Count me in!

A Master’s degree? Don’t mind if I do!

Mom of the Year? Absolutely!

You are a heartfelt DREAMER!

But lately you’ve noticed your dreams are moving at the speed of a Baywatch lifeguard. SLOW! (And not at all as sexy.)

The truth? Anxiety has taken your mind & body hostage, and

Most days you feel stuck, disillusioned, worried, and helpless. All you want to do is find your way back to peace, harmony, and the woman you know you are deep down inside so you can get back to your very important goals.

Because don’t you deserve the life you’ve envisioned for yourself?

YES, YOU DO. You’re an amazing woman with a right to a HEALTHY, COURAGEOUS LIFE.

How do I know? Because I’m a dreamer just like you who broke out of the chains of anxiety and found her way back to peace, harmony, and a life filled with JOY

Hi! I’m Kelli Saginak, certified life coach, and expert in heart-pounding palpitations, sweaty palms, and body tremors — yes, ANXIETY. Luckily, I’m also an expert in turning anxiety into life-affirming, grounded happiness and motivation. It probably has a little to do with the fact that I’m like the Simone Biles of degrees and certifications in counseling and coaching. I served academia and the counseling profession for 20+ years, and in recent years decided to chase my calling and earned my certification in life/weight coaching from Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School.

Since then, I’ve been helping women like you break free of the emotional prison of their anxiety, step into their freedom, and create anything and everything their hearts DESIRE.

But I wasn’t always the poster child of positive emotional health. You guessed it, I know more than a thing or two about anxiety because I’ve LIVED IT. Boy, have I LIVED IT! Trust me, no one knows the feeling of complete terror that comes with crippling anxiety, debilitating fear, and even the very simple worry that you might fall short of someone’s expectations like I do. These are all things that can leave a person feeling stuck like a snail swimming through a bucket of molasses (animals stuck in things are the best metaphor for anxiety, aren’t they?). The truth is, I’ve dealt with anxiety most of my life, starting with a horrific eating disorder at age 17, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and even good ol’ ADHD. Yes, you could say I won the mental and emotional health lottery. (Kah-ching?) But here’s the thing, I did win because…

My mental and emotional health challenges not only turned me inside out, they brought me to where I am today, living the dream.

They’re what led me to uncover the mindset, tools and whole-health practices that allowed me to finally self-heal, break free of the emotional prison I had created, and launch into the life of desired most. It also gave me the kind of empathy and compassion for others suffering from anxiety that makes for a strong coach and powerful support system. It’s because of what I’ve experienced that I do what I do.

Because here’s what I want more than anything else in the world: I WANT TO HELP YOU LIVE A POWERFUL, LOVING, SAFE, COURAGEOUS, JOY-FILLED LIFE.

Yes, ANXIETY is messy, and looks a lot like a cat with its head stuck in a coffee can, but it doesn’t have to stop you from achieving all of the wonderful goals you have. You can build the system you need to walk through life with clarity, freedom, and peace.

You can harness the power of your mind, stop your emotions from sabotaging your success, and create the life of your dreams.

And that’s what we’ll do here together. We’ll help you stop the madness, stop wasting time, and start leading the life you envision. Because when you clean up your mind, make your health a priority, and answer your calling, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

You have ONE life and you deserve to live it COURAGEOUSLY.

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