While you’re

struggling with anxiety,

your success is stalling

your dreams are waiting,

your life is passing you by.

I’m a certified life/weight coach,

professor, mom, and wife.

I know all about struggling with anxiety.

I also know how to stop struggling.

I work with high-achieving, amazing

professional women leaders who are

ready to stop letting anxiety hold them back,

sabotage their success, and demolish their dreams.

“Coaching with Kelli was such a gift. She has such a gentle and curious nature about her that instantly invites you in for a trans formative experience. Her heart filled questions provide the opportunity for self exploration and her presence allows the space to create new answers and beginnings. Her modeling of vulnerability and authenticity has given me the opportunity to feel the power of presence and share it with those I coach. I left our time together with more awareness, clarity, and inspired actions.” 

J., AZ

“Kelli serves bite size bits of knowledge, wisdom and action items that are easy to assimilate. She gently encourages you to do the work at your own pace, but to do the work nonetheless. It is easy to read the words; harder to dig deep. But digging deep prepares the soil for the harvest! I am so grateful I took this 42-day journey with Kelli.”

N., IL

“Kelli helped me find my true self again! I had been lost for a long time and she helped me understand the connection between my thoughts, actions and reactions – so powerful!!! Results were amazing – significant weight loss, confidence, happiness, positivity and future thinking. I can’t thank her enough for guiding me through the process of getting my life back again.”

R., WI

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Two Powerful Questions For Living Less Stressed

Two Powerful Questions For Living Less Stressed

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Why Do You Work So Hard?

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