Ready to stop feeling anxious?

YOU are an incredible amazingly awesome woman.

Powerful. Creative. Intuitive. A woman with a brilliant mind and fierce passion.

YOU ARE A LEADER. So you know you’re meant to do MORE…

Start a business. Travel the world. Craft a loving home. Seize your dreams.

BUT, you’re also HUMAN.

Which means that like so many go-getters out there, you’ve come face-to-face with fear, anxiety, and panic; all things that can leave you feeling…


Because LIFE HAPPENS darling, and when emotional turmoil gets in the way of your goals, it can feel like a paralyzing punch to the gut…

So how do you break free when your mind’s the EMOTIONAL PRISON keeping you stuck like a chicken in quicksand? Where do you find the key to unlocking the fear and releasing your soul?

You find it RIGHT HERE.

Hi! I’m Kelli Saginak, your go-to anxiety coach with a closetful of counseling degrees, coaching certificates, and real-life battles with anxiety that together have brought me to one mission in life:

LEAD women like YOU out of your mental and emotional prison and into FREEDOM, so you can create anything and everything YOU DESIRE.

Are you ready to break the chains of anxiety and live a courageous life filled with JOY, PURPOSE, GRATITUDE and SUCCESS?

Let’s get this party started!

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  • Coaching with Kelli was such a gift. She has such a gentle and curious nature about her that instantly invites you in for a trans formative experience. Her heart filled questions provide the opportunity for self exploration and her presence allows the space to create new answers and beginnings. Her modeling of vulnerability and authenticity has given me the opportunity to feel the power of presence and share it with those I coach. I left our time together with more awareness, clarity, and inspired actions. THANK YOU KELLI for allowing me to work with you!

    J. Prescott, AZ
  • Kelli helped me deal with heartbreak in immeasurable ways and I know she can do the same for others in this area of life, too, as helping women improve their relationships with their bodies and food is her main area of expertise. I could not possibly offer more praise for Kelli and the way she helps people breakthrough.

    A. Coral Springs
  • Kelli is honest and open. She makes it real. She’s not judgmental at all. Kelli listened as I opened up and gave me solutions to help me. She let me know that I’m not alone. Kelli helped me realize that the past IS the past, it’s over, and done with. She taught me how to use my breathing when I’m anxious, instead of turning to food.

    D. Baton Rouge, LA
  • After talking with Kelli, I felt a feeling of tangible release; like I could breathe more deeply and felt more willing to let go, than get angry. It was sure a new feeling! Kelli created a special place that allowed my ugliest sides to come out in the safety of her nurturing soul. Once I opened up, her wisdom pulled forth a shift that was totally unexpected!

    C. Phoenixville, PA

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